Therapeutic Music and Deathwork

As a certified End-of-Life Doula through the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, Marie brings a touch of harmony to the profound journey of end-of-life care, blending the soothing sounds of her harp with a deep sense of compassion and understanding. Inspired by her personal experience as the primary caregiver for her beloved grandmother, and with years of playing harp in long-term care facilities and hospitals, Marie has dedicated herself to supporting individuals and their families through one of life’s most significant transitions. This unique combination of personal and professional backgrounds grants her unparalleled insight into the nuanced needs of those nearing the end of their lives, allowing her to integrate the therapeutic benefits of music with comprehensive supportive care.

Her work extends beyond the musical; it embodies a holistic approach that recognizes and responds to the emotional, physical, mental, and logistical complexities faced by those nearing the end of their lives. Her approach is characterized by a gentle touch, heartfelt sincerity, and a deep respect for each person’s unique journey, making her a comforting figure for those in their final chapters and their loved ones. 

At the heart of Marie’s practice is a mission to ensure that the end-of-life experience is as peaceful and dignified as possible, offering her support and compassion to make this delicate time a little easier for everyone involved. Her extensive experience in care settings has honed her ability to offer warmth, empathy, and thoughtful care, making her a pillar of support for individuals and their families during one of life’s most challenging times. Marie’s unwavering dedication to her role underscores the critical importance of compassionate presence and understanding in crafting a peaceful passage, solidifying her commitment to the vital work of an end-of-life doula.