About Marie:

Marie Hamilton, a harpist and vocalist of profound emotional depth, mesmerizes with every performance. Her unique blend of velvety vocals and intricate fingerwork weaves together sound, color, and emotion, drawing listeners into a dreamlike world of exploration, intimacy, and connection. Marie's performances, rich in narratives of love, life, and loss, consistently leave a lasting imprint on the hearts of those who witness her art.

Rooted in Vermont but now blossoming in Montreal, Marie possesses a diverse academic and artistic background with a degree in Musicology from McGill University, complemented by international studies in harp and vocal performance with luminaries such as Maeve Gilchrist, Michael Rooney, and Laoise Kelly. Inspired by ancient melodies, endless curiosity, and the vivid hues of synesthesia, her music breathes new life into classical forms, situating herself at the confluence where tradition meets innovation.

Marie’s commitment to her craft extends beyond conventional performance spaces. She specializes in therapeutic music, offering comfort and connection through her harp in long-term care facilities, hospitals, and specifically on palliative care floors. Her musical journeys have led her to share her talent in diverse settings, from serene gardens and vibrant rooftops to the calming seaside and secluded forests across eastern Canada and the US.