About Marie:

Marie Hamilton, harpist and vocalist, will steal your heart in a minute. Accompanying her rich voice with intricate fingerwork, she blends sound, colour and emotion to create spaces of intimacy, openness and connection with her audience. Sharing her songs and stories about love, life and loss, there's rarely a dry eye in the house when Marie performs. A Vermont native currently based in Montreal, she's a recent graduate of Musicology at McGill University and has studied harp and song in Ireland, Scotland, and France with masters such as Maeve Gilchrist, Michael Rooney, and Laoise Kelly. Her music is nourished by a love for old melodies, an infinite curiosity, and a touch of synesthesia. She is committed to innovation while maintaining a strong connection with her traditional roots, breathing new life into classical forms. She has shared her music on stages, in gardens, on rooftops, by the ocean, and in forests all across eastern Canada and the US.