Music for Events

Transform any gathering into an unforgettable experience with the enchanting sound of harp music. Marie specializes in bringing a touch of magic to any occasion including weddings, cocktail parties, exhibitions, yoga sessions, birthday celebrations, and more. Whatever your vision, let your imagination lead the way—Marie is here to bring it to life.

With a diverse repertoire that spans traditional, popular, classical, and jazz genres, Marie is more than willing to cater to your musical preferences and is always open to learning new songs to personalize your event further. For those looking to add a unique twist, Marie can incorporate pedals and digital effects to transform the harp's natural sound into shimmering soundscapes that will captivate and enchant your guests.

Marie is available to play for events in the Montréal area as well as northern and central Vermont. Some exceptions can be made for events outside of these regions.

To book, please get in touch via email with the date, time and any pertinent details.